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Parent Resources


Parents have the right to request information about the professional qualifications concerning their child’s teacher(s) and should be informed if their child is served by any paraprofessionals providing educational assistance, and if so, their qualifications. Teaching certifications can be found by accessing the Tennessee Department of Education web site for Teacher Licensing or by contacting the Central Office at 865-376-5592.


Parents must receive notification if their child is being taught for 4 or more consecutive weeks in a core curriculum subject by a teacher not highly qualified.

Parents will have access to system/school report cards as developed by the State Department of Education and available (usually in late fall of each year) through their web site or at the school and/or Central Office.


Parents will be informed if their child is enrolled in a school identified for improvement, corrective action, or restructuring. They will also receive an explanation of what this means, academic comparison with district and state, and steps being taken to improve achievement and parent involvement.


Parents should know that they may request in writing that their child’s name, address and telephone number not be released to a military recruiter without prior written consent.


Parents will be informed by annual notice regarding the availability of supplemental educational services if a school fails to meet adequate yearly progress.


Parents must receive annual academic results for mid-reporting periods end of reporting periods, TCAP Achievement results in grades 3-8, Writing Assessment in grades 3-11 and End of Course in a timely manner as required by local Board policy and the State Department of Education.


Parents of a student identified as limited English proficient (ELL-English Language Learner) must be notified in a timely manner of their child’s participation in an ESL Program, details of the program, rights to waive participation, and specific information on the child’s level of English proficiency.


A parental involvement policy is available in the school’s handbook or by contacting the school office. Title I Schools: a written parental involvement policy will be developed jointly with and distributed to parents of children participating in Title I Programs. This includes an annual meeting for parents to inform them of their school’s participation in programs (i.e. Title I) funded under the No Child Left Behind federal legislation.


Schools and parents must be notified of school-wide program authority under which schools can consolidate funds from federal, state, and local sources to upgrade the educational program of the entire school. The qualification is 40% of students must be from verified low income families.


Parents can visit the state’s web site to access a description of the curriculum (Tennessee Curriculum Standards), assessment, and proficiency levels students are expected to meet.

Parents have access to district and school information and reports through the media (local newspaper and radio), and the system / school report cards available on the state web site or at the system’s administrative offices.


The Roane County School Board Policy relating to student privacy and parental access to information is available in the school Board Policy Manual located at each school and the Central Office. Notification of rights and release of directory information under FERPA, the Family Education Rights and Policy Act, is also done through media announcements. This Federal law affords parents and students (over 18 years of age) certain rights with respect to educational records. Parents will be notified of any change to board policy. More information on FERPA is available at the Central Administrative Offices.

Students and parents are encouraged to participate in safe and drug-free school programs to prevent student violence and drug use. Parents can request in writing their child’s non-participation in such activities.  School health requirements, policies, and procedures (i.e. immunizations, medication at school, etc.) are available for the Roane County Health Department Office, school principal, or school nurse.