Math Project Assignment

Each student is assigned a particular topic that we have learned about in class. Students may use their journal, books, classroom resources, internet or other resources to create a poster with the following information:
1. Title- The title must be at the top of the poster and easily recognized. (10 points)
2. Standard- Write a complete thought telling what your goal is for your specific math skill. (10 points)
EXAMPLE: I can multiply two digits by two digits. 
3. Vocabulary- at least THREE vocabulary words (related to your topic) and their definitions (10 points)
4. Steps- List the steps you would need to explain to someone how they would solve a problem related to your topic. (10 points)
5. 2 Examples (related to your topic) (20 points). Must have correct solution.
6. Word Problem with Steps to Solve and Solution (20 points)
7. Foldable (examples were shown in class and will be posted online) (10 points)
8. Neatness (10 points)
TOTAL-100 points This will count THREE times.
You MAY use the internet, computer, markers, printers, crayons, colored pencils, glue sticks, magazine cutouts, stickers, charts, graphs, ribbon, glitter, pictures, colored or construction paper, etc.
Be creative!!! All information needs to fit on a full sized standard poster board. All information should be organized and shown neatly. These posters will be displayed in our classroom for reference and review. The majority of this project will need to be completed at home; however, I will allow some class time. This will count as 2 homework grades and 1 test grade.
I will NOT accept any late projects. They must be brought in by the morning of the due date, not dropped off in the office later in the day.
Project Due Date: March 20, 2018
Examples of foldables and projects may be viewed by following the link below: