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Dyllis Springs Elementary School

Mrs. Krista Meinweiser » Meet Mrs. Meinweiser!

Meet Mrs. Meinweiser!

My name is Mrs. Meinweiser (pronounced like Mine-wiser)and I am the new music teacher at Dyllis Springs Elementary School!


I am originally from Athens, Tennessee, but I have spent the past two years in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as my husband pursued a master's degree at LSU. I studied music education at the University of Tennessee and marched in the Pride of the Southland Band. 


I have a passion for teaching music to elementary-aged children. I love to give students opportunities to explore the many possibilities that music offers and help them to open their minds and ears to new experiences. My goal as a teacher is to help foster well-rounded individuals who are culturally aware, emotionally intelligent, and good citizens. 


I know that I will enjoy working with your children, and I hope they can find a special place in their heart for music! 



"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” ― Victor Hugo