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Dyllis Springs Elementary School

Bus Route and Schedule Changes

PLEASE NOTE:  Some bus routes and schedules have changed.  These are now our FIRST LOAD busses: 43, 36, &73. SECOND LOAD busses are:  10, 69, & 87. 

Also, effective Thursday, Aug. 9th only Buses 10 and 73 will pick up and drop off students on Old Harriman Highway between Ollis Road and the high school.  Bus 10 will transport the middle and high school students and Bus 73 will transport the Dyllis students.  Bus 73 will also transport all students on Kingston Avenue and Burney Drive.  Some of these students were riding Bus 87, but other buses were picking up kids on that section, too.

Also, effective Thursday afternoon, Bus 87 will begin loading first at the high school and Bus 73 will begin loading first at Dyllis.  Employees’ kids who have been riding those buses between schools will need to adjust accordingly.


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