Title 1 School
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

 DSES is a Title 1 school. What that means is that DSES receives funding from the federal government through the Department of Education that helps to support our school and our students. As a Title school, we must meet the guidelines set forth in this program and are evaluated each year to ensure we are meeting all requirements. DSES uses these monies for the following.

Supplies:                     4,400.00 used mainly to purchase needed school materials to support classroom instruction.

Equipment:                10,500.00 used mainly to purchase technology for classrooms.

Staff Development:      4,000.00 used mainly to provide teachers the most up to date instructional strategies, and provide training to staff.

Parental Involvement:  3,500.00 used to fund programs that get parents involved in school activities.


My question; what in the world would we do without these funds? We certainly would struggle providing our students with the educational tools we need. If you ever have questions about Title 1 requirements; please feel free to call me.


Mr. Stevens

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