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We will not allow parent calls to teachers during class time. I expect all my staff to contact a parent within 24 hours of them getting a call or email. Please remember that classroom time MUST be protected, and that there are other children in a classroom other than your child.

 We cherish each minute of classroom time as that is time lost if teachers are dealing with independent student matters by parents.

 We encourage parental involvement and we allow parents to visit classrooms. This does not mean bring in treats for the kids, and it does not mean you are there to criticize or intimidate. If the vast majority of parents could actually see what is going on in our classrooms; they would be astonished with all the technology that teachers use with students, and the expectations and work ethic of all students.

Birthday celebrations are celebrated once a month for students with a birthday that month.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read weekly updates from teachers, the monthly newsletter, and the principal's message monthly on the school web page.