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September Events:

9/19 - 9/21 - Grandparent's Days

Come join your grandchild or special someone on a day listed below.

PreK - Sept. 19 - 11:30

Kindergarten - Sept. 19 - 11:00

1st Grade - September 20 - 11:40

2nd Grade - September 20 - 11:15

3rd Grade - September 21 - 12:20

4th Grade - September 21 - 12:00

5th Grade - September 21 - 12:10





Title 1 School
 DSES is a Title 1 school. What that means is that DSES receives funding from the federal government through the Department...

It is the policy of this school to accept out of district students IF: there is room in the grade level, and they are not an...

New state standardized testing format will require our students to do more than the old TCAP tests. These new tests will require...

It seems that most incidences on the buses with smaller children is that they will not stay in their seats. The drivers have...

PARENT NOTIFICATION          . Parents have the right to request information about the professional...